Friday, January 31, 2014

Frontier Airlines Just Lost My Business - Forever

My Mother died Tuesday.

It's a hard time for my family.

I have 2 children, their spouses, 3 children each--6 of my 10 (for now) grandchildren--who live a long way East of me.

They are in the military, for which I'm proud. Yes, we have the worst military-friendly administration in history, and hoping for never a repeat. Okay, the worst administration, period.

If there could be a worse administration, I don't know how. For once, contrary to Martin Luther King's declaration, this abysmally and purposefully ignorant country voted for a man because of the color of his skin and not for the content of his character. A man who, in the proud tradition of all great nations, should be executed for treason, leads us now.

But, that's another story.

Today my oldest daughter is flying with her youngest child, a nearly 2-year-old, to be at her grandmother's funeral.

Because she wasn't 2 hours early for the flight, Frontier is not only making her wait for a later flight, but they are pouring salt on the wound by charging $100 to change the flight, plus now my daughter has to pay for her luggage to fly.

What other airline does this? Really, I want to know.

I won't ever fly with them again either.

So, if you leave a comment about that, I'll probably update this blog with the news.

Frontier Airlines, you lost my business in 6 weeks when I fly to the coast for business. I get to choose my carrier. I don't choose Frontier. Ever again.

I'm Karl. Still. I miss Mom.

Monday, January 27, 2014

John Roberts Blackmailed? + Inoculations Causing Disease!

Was John Roberts blackmailed to vote in favor of Obamacare?

His illegal adoptions were the tool used to convince the already crooked judge to add his game-changing opinion that ObamaCare is a tax, so is constitutional.

So, who has the smoking gun? 

John Roberts Protecting Obamacare?

Adoptive Father, John Roberts

John Roberts blackmailed re: Obamacare - will he be blackmailed to support gay marriage?

I shouldn't be, but I have to admit I'm amazed at the corruption in our country.

Why do I say I'm amazed? After all, the Doctrine and Covenanthatts (for non-Mormon, that's a book of scripture we have, which you can find online; link after the quote) tells us that "In consequence of evils and designs which do and will exist in the hearts of conspiring men in the last days," (D&C 89:4) that conspiracies are always going to be part of the work evil people use to destroy good.

I have strong opinions about that. I know for a fact there are conspiracies, and the nonsense of calling anyone a nut who believes in conspiracies is a tool of Satan to make good people shrink from calling a spade a spade. There are conspiracies. They are all around us. Wake Up People! It's about too late. Obamacare was thrust down our throats against our will by wicked vile kingmen (Book of Mormon, specifically Alma around chapter 60, especially verses 27-29, for the solution which is distasteful to liberal-leaning cowards. The chapters before and a bit afterwards are about this faction of the government that had to be pulled down to protect the liberty of the people. Are we less in need of a cleansing? No, we are not. My father told me we are at a place where to regain our liberties, it will take )

Here's the second part of this post, and it's just as much of a lightning rod. ---- Vaccinations cause the diseases they are supposed to prevent...

When I was in college, I took a biology class. It was taught by one of the most famous researchers in the world for viruses and how they are spread and what they actually are.

One thing he taught is that diseases are prevented by injecting what he termed as "killed" bacteria and viruses. He also told us it was an imperfect science. The following articles tell you what I've believed since then.

These are a few of many links about this conspiracy to separate us from our money. The drug manufacturers are evil empires that must be brought down. At first, they did a lot of good, but that good great into greed, and from there to amoral and vile corporations run by liberals who aren't afraid of murder and graft to get what they want.

These are the equivalent of Monsanto, which is a topic for another time.

Okay, I'm off now. Two posts in one isn't how I'd like to do it, but limited time gives incentives I hesitate to ignore.

I'm Karl, even if I'm dualizing the webnetses

Saturday, January 11, 2014

Utah Mormons

This topic is on my mind right now.


Because of the following email sent to my wife by the mother of a missionary serving in the U.S. (outside of Utah, duh):

Dear Moms,

I don't know if any of you have had this problem or not but it seems to be a re-occurring theme for both of my sons who are on missions, and it needs to stop! As President Uchdorf has said, "STOP IT!"

So, I am writing to the only group that I know who can help spread the word. I'm sure there are none of you in these email groups who have this problem.

There is no room for this in our church, in our wards, in our homes, or in our hearts. My son has written to me and has informed me that there are MANY members, missionaries, and just people in general, who "put him aside" because he is "just another Utah missionary!"

Are you kidding me? Now, I have known people who don't like Utah Mormons and say rude things about them as if we were all grouped into some weird cultish blob. I usually just ignore it as immaturity on their part.

He has heard people in his ward say "I would never want to raise my kids in Utah because I want them to grow up with a strong testimony!" Who in their right mind would say such a thing!? It's happening and it needs to stop!

I don't need to go on about how strong my Elders are, not to mention the 24 missionaries that are serving from our ward or the more than 250 from his seminary class. They are great because they have strong parents who taught them how to be valiant, tolerant, and faithful in all things. It's not because they were born and raised in a different state or country! We have lived outside of Utah and the people we live with here in Utah are not any better, or any worse, than those we lived with "in the mission field."

In fact, the youth here in Utah have been the strongest and most valiant I have seen. My son lived a mission life before he turned 18 and most of his friends chose to do the same. Were there kids in his high school that struggled and didn't have a strong testimony? Yes, but not because they were raised in Utah! Are there great members and missionaries and youth that live in California, or Idaho, or Ohio? Yes! But it's not because they don't live in Utah. It's because they Choose The Right, and live it. Seriously, we must stop playing the "where do you come from" game and start living the Gospel of Jesus Christ!

I'm writing this for my son! He deserves to be treated better than this as does every other missionary regardless of where they are serving! They have enough to worry about and they should not be bothered with this kind of talk from our members, including missionaries. How do those people treat black missionaries? It's no different!

My sister's "adopted" son, who they are supporting because his parents can't--btw my sister lives in Utah--is from Hawaii and serving in Paris, had to silence his district of Elders who were bashing Utah Mormons in front of him. Where do young men and women learn behavior like this? From judgmental and bigoted parents!

We need to change as a people if we ever want to convert others. I'm sorry my son had to hear these negative, derogatory and wicked things. I'm sorry he might be convinced to feel less than worthy because we chose to move back to Utah. Please help it stop by speaking up when you hear of such things. It is not "of good report" and it is definitely not "praiseworthy". It can stop with us. We are these missionaries' Mothers and we after all, are the ones who have largely taught them their attitudes.


[name withheld by my wife though the sister said putting her name on it was fine]

I have nothing to add, other than:

My wife knows her groups well enough to know there would be more than a few who are offended and would cruelly lash out against this woman's true words. Why? Because they hold the evil attitude that Utah Mormons are bad people. That attitude is evil and will keep them out of the Celestial Kingdom as sure as being [an unrepentant] stripper in a nightclub would. Seriously, if playing poker on a Saturday night will keep you out of heaven, then denigrating others of (presumably) your own faith will too.

Clean it up people. It's time to be a Zion People because we know not when the Saviour will return, and if he comes to Utah, what are you going to think when He asks, "Why did you denigrate members of my Kingdom in Utah?" because if He doesn't verbally ask, the Spirit will whisper to your hearts, "Why are you holding this attitude? It will keep you from My presence."

Isn't the atonement wonderful? It can cleanse us of even the little things that might otherwise tarnish our souls beyond repair (by us alone).

I'm still Karl, and I'm happy to be a Utah Mormon who is converted and understands that a faithful Latter-Day Saint is worthy to enter the temples of God regardless of whether he lives in Utah, Morrocco, or downtown Hong Kong. Okay, I lived 5 years in California. I'd never move back, but it's because it's a socialist society now, not because the saints there are any different from those here.

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