Monday, March 22, 2010

Recall The Socialst Rascals

Incidentally, Rascals isn't the word I first considered using, but it's the best I can do without requiring a serious discussion with my ecclesiastical leader about my spiritual standing.

Obamanational Health [un]Care...

So it's passed. Yes, it was a close vote.

PLEASE, if you have any guts, demand a recall election against every single moron who supported or voted to Socialize Healthcare. Now we get people of the intelligence of the motor vehicle offices all across the country telling us where to get, and how to get, medical attention. Welcome to The Soviet Socialist Hell that is progressivism.

The reform we needed was to eliminate Tort attorneys, not provide them a new playground!

Government for the people and by the people? Not from this bunch of weak-minded arrogant, socialism-never-worked-before-because-we,-the-most-intelligent-crackheads-in-the universe,-didn't-do-it, fools!

Yes, I'm Karl, and I'm a bit put out by, or with the arrogant neanderthals in D.C.

Oh, and just a bit of a disclaimer here: I don't condone, support or approve of any type of Oklahoma City-style bombing that is going to happen if this government doesn't pull their heads out and repeal this atrocity. But, mark my words, there will be blood flowing sooner than later now that this administration has proven they don't care what the people say.

Friday, March 5, 2010

History Revisited: My Thoughts Regarding 9/11/2001

I wrote this article in September of 2001 and just re-read it and decided to place it here. I've included most of the original, but not all.

To view it online where I originally posted it, you may visit

My Thoughts Regarding
The World Trade Center Terrorist Attacks
that occurred on September 11, 2001

I have prayed and cried many times during this terrible day (and since, each time a survivor has been found, or when viewing the images of those working to find survivors). In constructing this page, I considered using a black background, but I thought better of it because I believe there's hope in this evil.

Our vulnerability has been exposed. What went wrong? How could our security have failed us so badly? What could have been done to prevent this terrible act of heinous disregard for everything holy?

First of all, I think God lets evil men alone so at the last and judgment day, they have no excuse. Their acts have sealed them Satan's forever as the blood of their innocent victims cry loudly from the dust against them. Eternal damnation might even be too good for such vile wickedness. Other thoughts include such things as:

  • If the security officers at the other end of those hi-jacked flights had done their jobs this couldn't have happened
  • Pilots and flight crew that do not mill about with passengers should be armed
  • The number of U.S. Marshalls who fly armed should be increased
    commensurate with the need
  • If American citizens were allowed to carry concealed handguns, the terrorists would have died aboard the planes they attempted to hi-jack without the chance to complete their work of death
  • The passengers who thwarted one terrorist flight would have killed the hi-jackers and would not have sacrificed their lives had they been armed
  • Removing the door to the cockpit, and adding an external door just for the flight crew will prevent access to the cockpit completely
  • The people of New York and Washington D.C. need support, love, caring, help and God
  • Life is too short to worry about hate, fear and evil
  • If good men do nothing, evil men will conquer
  • Evil men cannot conceive that others are not conspiring against them and Good Men cannot conceive of others conspiring to do them harm
  • When will Good Men learn this one lesson?
  • There ARE conspiracies working against us continually
  • Thank God we now have a president in the White House with principles, scruples and a firm resolve to do what's right
  • God Bless President Bush, his associates and co-workers!
  • Join in prayer for the bereaved regardless of your personal faith
  • We have all become bereaved from this
  • "Thank You" to the volunteers, the professional medical and technical workers who are risking their all for victims they haven't met yet
  • Admiral Yamamoto speaks from the dust: the terrorists have "awoken a sleeping giant filled with dreadful resolve"
  • Terrorists beware
  • President Bush will hold governments who harbor terrorists equally responsible
  • Terrorists, begin to tremble now while you are not yet extinct
  • Do Americans realize that there are civilizations (un-civilizations) where terrorism is endemic?
  • To eradicate terrorism, we will be required to destroy entire civilizations
  • The Gadianton Band of thieves and murderers for gain could be contained in only 2 ways:

    1. Execution
    2. Conversion to the gospel of Jesus Christ
  • Are we prepared to execute?
  • Are we prepared to convert?
  • Americans must not be willing to relinquish liberty for security
  • Greater Liberty will ensure Greater Security
  • An Armed Society is a Polite Society
  • Israeli Citizens Are Armed
  • They deal with terrorism daily
  • Learn From Israel

I am saddened by this terrible day beyond comprehension. Join me in a moment of silence each day at your convenience. Please include a loved one. Suffering alone is unbearable. Don't let others suffer alone.

May God Bless All Who Care For Human Life, born or unborn. There is a God. We are His children regardless of race, creed or other divisions. Forgive everyone, but don't allow forgiveness to rob victims of justice. God won't allow it and we will be held accountable if we allow it either as a society or in our hearts. Governments were instituted among men by God to protect and serve. President Bush, Protect Us By Eradicating The Vermin That Attacked Our People! President Bush, Grant Us Our Full God-given Liberties To Protect Ourselves! Allow Us To Be Armed Nation-wide as Israel Has Allowed It's People!

Again, to see the original, with some pictures, click the link in the 2nd paragraph above.

I'm Karl and I'm getting nervous about the progressives among us who, like wolves in sheep's clothing await our destruction with anticipation as though part of Satan's mesmerizing evil.