Wednesday, January 30, 2013

Boy Scouts of America To Commit Suicide!

I got an email giving me an internet site where I could send these fools a comment.

So, I did.
I am an Eagle Scout. I earned that rank at the age of 15. My brothers both are Eagle Scouts. All 5 of my sons are Eagle Scouts. 
If you allow the misguided purveyors of a homosexual agenda to get their way, and have that agenda adopted, none of my grandsons will be Eagle Scouts.  
Oh, and I'll never again donate through my church's "Friends of Scouting" annual donation drive, which I've donated to in every year for that past 37 years of marriage.
Never again. 
Think about it. I'm just one of $12,000,000 church members in a lot of scouting countries around the world, and yes, I meant to put a dollar sign in front. Just multiply that number by about 20, which is the minimum I've donated, and you'll get an idea of what the decision is going to cost just from my "Friends". 
Go ahead, make your death warrant complete. 
Karl L. Pearson
Lehi, Utah
If you like how I put it, please feel free to pass a version that fits your situation around.

I'm Karl, and yes, I live in Lehi, Utah, and yes, I'm a certified right-wing, gun-toting, bible-clinger. If that makes me a bigot, I will call the one who says that, a liar, a bigoted idiot, and a hell-bent fool. I'll hold my views and trust Christ at the judgment bar rather than subject myself or my family to theirs.