Sunday, October 13, 2013

NBC Sports Shows Their Stupidity

... again ...

Bob Kostas (I know, it's spelled Costas, but I spell it with a "K" because he's a moronic fool), during halftime of the Cowboys and Redskins game, voices the asinine (yes, I choose to call it that) agenda-ized editorial that the Washington Redskin's owner should leave behind his resolute refusal to change the name and move on, thus changing the name.

He pointed out this one "salient" fact: "If you considered the name if applied to a team of African-Americans, Asians, Hispanics or others, would you see how racial it is? It's a slur and meant to be derogatory."

No, it's not, you historical ignoramus. There are plenty of quotes from history (go look yourself, honestly, and don't bother listening to the almost red-skinned 'wanna-be's you can find here and there who really aren't worthy of the heritage of native American they claim so they can be on the government dole) and you'll find that American Indians (a name that should offend those who ARE American Indians, such as many who I work with who ARE from India), called themselves "Proud Redskins."

Did you ever hear any black people call themselves "Proud Blackskins?" No, you haven't. I don't doubt some have. How about "Brown Skins?" Okay, I actually have heard some of my Polynesian friends refer to themselves that way.

It's not the same, Bob-with-one-"O" Kostas (check that name out. It was probably spelled with a "K" "in the old country" but changed for politically correct reasons). You, Bob, are showing your idiotic ability to use an inappropriate forum--sports--to push a political agenda.

Go away fool.

Go run for office, where everyone will know because you'll have the logo of the American Jackass on your lapel pin. And while I'm on it, consider this: Now that the United States have shown such complete lack of historical sense that they vote socialists into office because they are black, not because of their character, you, Bob, fit in nicely.

Yes, Martin Luther King would be proud of us, right? We elected Obama on completely the opposite principles from those about which Mr. King often spoke. We voted for someone because of the color of his skin, not for the content of his character. My how far we've come.

So I say, can't the progressive wing of the liberal party quit raining on all the parades? They hate the country, and I say it's time to fire Bob Costas (I spell it right here so a search engine will pick this up, and hopefully someone will fire the little brat, though I doubt that will happen, since his managers are even more progressive than he is (okay, probably not possible), and rooted him on when they found out what agenda he'd be pushing).

Why do the lame stream media outlets seem so hell-bent on pursuing their own self destruction? It's because as wickedness is more generally accepted, they are "coming out" more and more.

That reminds me of an article I saw this week. You can see it here: Creating Good Little Communists which correctly explains the fact that the public schools, and more effectively, the public higher education systems of the various states, have become the training ground for Satan's plan to overthrow capitalism, liberty, and most importantly, God's plan of happiness.

That's what it's all about. The forces of darkness are getting stronger as their physical counterparts are more and more brazen in their open disregard of God and all He's done for us, especially the sacrifice of His Son, our Savior.

I love the Savior, and hope to be a benefit to others because of that.

I'm still Karl

Tuesday, October 1, 2013

The Fool's Unmitigated Hypocrisy

The time is here when citizens of the United States NEED assault weapons (a stupid term for how a weapon looks not what it does, which means nothing) to protect themselves from an out-of-control federal government that needs very badly, a complete pruning.

How can we continue to allow this traitor to stay in office?

Impeachment is Way Too Good.

I call for a full trial for treason, and the obligatory execution to follow. Include Harry Reid, and nearly every other politician around them.

Where is Captain Moroni when we need him?

I'm Karl and I'm really ticked!