Tuesday, August 2, 2016

About Comcast

This is for anyone who's interested in how they start getting junk mail.

I have a little used business name. I'm fact I've only officially used it one time. I needed business class internet. I decided to get it from Comcast since they offer business class internet that is pretty good, well, pretty fast anyway. If you read my previous blog, you know the details.

So I called Comcast and spoke with the sales person then yes comma installed Comcast Business class internet. The problem was, they couldn't actually fulfill the needs I had, which were to allow traffic to a web server and email server.

I got the email server to work, buy the web server, whether it worked or not didn't matter because the didn't allow loop back browsing. What that means is, if I host a domain and write the code in my house, which doubles as my place of business, then go to that domain to see what my code does, I should be able to see the page, right? Wrong!

Comcast, in their Idiotic lack of wisdom, decided to block outbound traffic and route it to the modern itself. That means instead of going to the page you've just spent time coding, you go to the cable modem administrative pages. Isn't that useful?

It's only useful if you, Comcast, sell hosting and you don't want your customers to host their own pages. I think that's the only reason they'd do that. My current internet service provider (ISP) doesn't do that. I'm sticking with them. I actually don't have any choice.

But that's not the reason I'm writing this blog post. I was able, to their credit, get out of the three year contract with Comcast without being penalized. I had to do some serious negotiating, but they relented once they understood they couldn't fulfill their side of the contract. As you can imagine there's more to the story. Go read my previous blog post.

It didn't hurt that if been installed twice. The first time by some charlatans pretending to know what I needed who put home service in. It was blazingly fast, but alas, no static IP. That's required for hosting domains. I hosted 18 before a catastrophic server fault, compounded by a typo that voided my carefully crafted backups. Yes, I blew it.

Back to my blog topic.

So after everything was settled and our DSL was again our primary Internet link, I thought everything was back to whatever normal is.


I started getting letters to the business used only once, to setup the business internet with Comcast. I have verified that Comcast isn't happy to just gouge their customers with high prices. They also sell your information to the highest bidder(s) who bombard you with every type of letter selling entry kind of nonsense imaginable.

I got letters about how to buy my domains for 5 times what I pay, with the promise they'll also sell me things I do for free myself.

I got letters about how to insure my employees are happy. That's 3 employees, me, myself, and I.

I got letters about insurance, both auto and home, plus the bad stuff peddled by Master Obama's pals.

I got letters about magazines having nothing to do with anything worthwhile.

I got letters from The American Association Of Retired Persons. That's the AARP, which I was strongly encouraged to join in college because of my major. (Note: back then there wasn't a sign that organization would become the senior citizen's wing of the Weather Underground. I don't mean the guys who do a bang-up job providing forecasts. I mean the one Obama's mentor was part of. Go look it up, if you can find a place that'll tell the truth about the vile leftist cult that wanted to destroy liberty. Wait, wanted? Wants. Present tense. The AARP would love to destroy all vestiges of personal liberty.

So would Comcast. They are evil. I'll never use them again.

I recommend you don't either, but you have the choice, to be a patriot or a prisoner. Choose wisely.

This is still Karl.