Monday, September 26, 2011

The Most Ethical Administration?

Certainly The Most Corrupt Administration Ever!

Chicago mob politics on a national level, and attempting to spread to the international level.

Of course, they will have a very difficult time being more corrupt than the United Nithings. Find out what word means at these 2 sites (same article; one at the source and the other a reprint):

Chicago politics are the most corrupt because they have no conscience and they are brazenly open and shocked when anyone thinks they are doing wrong.

And, they keep going from bad to worse! Have you heard about Obama's healthcare czar, the guy who owns a medical records company, getting the contract to set up Obamacare for the Coast Guard? I'm sure THAT's just a coincidence. -- Colin Jack

My answer to Colin: Of course it is, like every other massively profitable coincidence surrounding this, and the past few demoncrat administrations.

I have some good friends who are democrats. How can they justify staying in the party of graft? I know they think they might have an influence for good to save the party. They've said so.

But, did any of the Nephites stay with the Gadianton robbers for the same reason?

Anyone who can think knows it only takes a drop of acid to spoil a cup of drinking water, but a drop of the freshest drinking water will never make any difference in a cup of acid.

YES it is the same type of analogy.

Evil destroys Good every chance it gets. Good has no influence on Evil. Only Evil can change itself, and that change must come, and always does come, from within.

Change in evil is not accomplished by someone who is outside of the evil. Those who think they are making a difference are as a sliver in evil's finger, annoying them to do good and thinking they are making progress, but always failing.

Did I make my point well enough?

Yes, still Karl, aging and in constant pain now.

There is something fascinating about science. One gets such wholesome returns of conjecture out of such a trifling investment of fact. -- Mark Twain