Monday, December 16, 2013

Beware Your Desktop "Gadgets" (Windows 7 & Vista only, probably)

You know those useful Gadgets on your desktop? The clock you put in the upper-right corner of the screen? The weather Gadget?

Well, you will be interested to know that hackers have figured out how to exploit them from the internet side of your PC and get access to your entire computer, thus watching what you type, including passwords.

This is very serious. Please get them off your desktop NOW!

There's a link to Microsoft's bulletin down a bit, which hasn't been made very public. Microsoft has been going through rough times. You won't hear that from their advertisements though because they are painting a picture of how wonderful Windows 8 is. But, it isn't. It's about the poorest selling OS they have ever released. One OS across all your devices is actually a very bad idea. Nobody needs "the same user experience" because the screens are NOT the same, nor are the devices the same.

The underlying OS can be very similar, like the way Apple, or Ubuntu, or Samsung, are doing it. Microsoft is trying to force all the round pegs into triangular holes. Sorry M$. It isn't taking very well.

That's why Android is the #1 mobile OS on the planet. iOS (Apple) is second, and Microsoft's Windows Phone OS is so far behind the others that it shows up as a toothpick on the pie chart.

Back to the alert. You can read it here:

I'm happy to have notified you of this alert from my Linux Mint 16 64-bit laptop. It took me 4 or 5 hours to drag Windows 8 off it, but now that I have, I love my Toshiba P75-A7200. Very fast. Very powerful. Very Linux Mint! ( - a derivative of Debian or Ubuntu - you have the choice).

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