Tuesday, March 25, 2014

Popeye's Chicken anyone?

I'm on the road. I don't go on the road much.

Okay, I lied, technically speaking. I'm in a hotel room. A nice, big, elegant, but old, hotel room.

In California.

Sunnyvale to be exact.

I'm being trained on a product I don't support. It's okay though because I'll have to use it to test my own products. Sometimes. Or more.

What does this story have to do with Popeye's Chicken? Enough that I told it.

Betty, my sweetheart, is a miracle worker where research is concerned. She is the one that figured out that statin drugs cause memory loss. And that it becomes permanent if you take them for 5 years. And it gets worse the longer you take them. I know. I went through the memory loss for ~4 years.

Mine is coming back, but I'm afraid it won't ever come all the way back. Too many years of foolish trust in a failed drug industry.

Back to chicken.

I made the bad mistake of eating at Popeye's Chicken tonight.

I was hungry.

Now I'm sick.

I'm not going to throw up, or that other sick thing we all hate.

No, the sick I am is disappointed in myself sick. I broke my diet, but more than that, I ate ingredients that are proven over and over to kill everyone who eats them.

Not right away.

MSG. Bad and made from GMOs

Soy oil. A GMO that also creates phyto estrogens in the body. Those wreak havoc in little boys, helping them grow breasts and never develop all the masculine stuff necessary to have a deep voice and healthy children, or even have children in some cases.

Canola oil. Another GMO that's really bad for you. Of course, all GMOs are bad for you.

Corn and corn oil. All corn, except some organics and all popcorn, are GMO foods now. Never eat regular corn again. It's going to make your sicker and sicker.

Gluten from wheat. Most wheats are hybrids that have been "bred" to be more glutinous, which is the worst part of the grain. Technically it's not a GMO, but it has been hybridized so that it contains chemical chains that resemble narcotics, and it is addicting.

Other stuff that makes me sick to think I actually paid them to poison me. Check it out at Popeye's Own Site.



So I bought some organic bananas and ate 3. I feel very full, not better.



I'm [a larger version of] Karl...

Double Drat!